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Bristol Borough, founded in 1681, was the shopping and business hub for all lower Bucks County in the 50’s and 60’s.


Shopping on “Friendly Mill Street” was a weekly family outing. As with all small-town business districts, Bristol was greatly impacted by changing shopping trends.


First came the strip shopping centers, followed by the regional malls, and now online shopping. But things are changing once again. Consumers are looking for the personal service the internet can’t provide.


Since winning the Small Business Revolution contest in 2017, Bristol has undergone an incredible revitalization.


The new boats docks along the Delaware allow boaters to shop and dine on Mill street, visiting our wonderful restaurants, breweries and pubs, and unique retail shops.


Bristol’s old industrial factories have been renovated into first class business centers, housing many established and start-up companies.


Bristol is also the home of the Bristol Riverside Theater, the area’s leading regional theater.


Now is the time to visit Bristol Borough, “Come for The History and Stay for The Fun”.

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